March 26th Get Bob Corcoran’s Proven Sales Secrets

Learn how you can make 3-5 more sales this year!


Thu, Mar 26, 2015 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CDT

Everyone would agree that all managers of any sales force would like more closed sales every month, but exactly how can that become reality? Many brokers tell us that they are already stretched to the max working daily to keep their sales team motivated, mitigate issues and keep an eye on profitability, and are already pressed for time and resources…so exactly what are the next steps?

If you are facing the same challenges, we’ve got the solution for you! Our March expert presenter for our Agent Profitability series is super coach and consultant Bob Corcoran of Corcoran Coaching & Consulting. Bob and his team are just back from a series of real estate boot camp events in Australia where he helped 5 offices kick into high gear, generating over 2,400 leads in 5 hours! The numbers are impressive and have the potential of generating 1.2 BILLION dollars in sales… now that’s results!

Bob is planning on sharing the simple, actionable steps every manager and agent can deploy to get more sales in our March 26th virtual event. Bob knows that most managers want more sales but have not locked into the systems and tactics needed to help their agents increase sales and produce measureable profitability. He has insight into the systems and strategies for agents that can deliver meteoric results, with management insights to motivate and grow productivity for more profitability!

Bob will help you to:

  • Track and monitor your agent activities for focus and profitable outcomes
  • Shift your mindset from job to career
  • Deploy systems that enforce production and accountability
  • Implement steps and templates that promote daily prospecting habits
  • Unlock the potential of scripts and dialogues

If Bob and his team helped one company bring 1,990 new listings to their market in only 5 hours, imagine how he can help you in 36 minutes? Join us on Thursday, March 26th at NOON CST and get the real deal on growing your team and profitability from dull to dynamic!

About the Author

Terri Murphy

About Terri Murphy: Terri brings a depth of experience and education to the sales Industry. Terri performed at the top of the sales industry for over 25 years. Today she is a full time consultant, speaker and spokesperson for sales and marketing companies worldwide. Terri's expertise is directed to developing and leveraging relational capital that supports building community. Terri knows how to build communication bridges blending traditional and online strategies, distance learning and cutting edge plat forms that result in creating vibrant communities that buy! Terri is currently authoring a book that addresses how women can improve their selection of a man in a relationship by using a little science in the process. Terri has produced and hosted both television and radio programs, and been featured on ABC, NBC and CNBC News as a sales industry expert. She is also a regular guest on WREGTV’s Live@9 for Women in Business.

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