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Steve Murray Shares the Top 6 Things Agents REALLY Want From Their Broker

If you are looking to make your 2015 your best year ever, you might heed the advice of Steve Murray, President of Real Trends.  Steve spent 36 minutes with us in an agent/broker series sponsored by Point2Agent.com where he addressed what agents really want from their broker/owners, what the consumer wants from their agent and how to keep getting paid for your services.

From Steve’s top selling book, “Game Changers, The Unfounded Fears and Future Prosperity  of the Residential Real Estate Industry”, he shared exceptional insights into what is so basic, but often overlooked by agents and their companies today.

Here are 3 top tips from Steve’s interview today:

  • Agents want communication from their broker/managers. Whether the agent is committed to becoming a “counselor” or a “facilitator” in a transaction, both parties crave connection with their leadership.  In a recent program sponsored by BombBomb.com it was reported that 73.6% of agents want face to face communication with their leaders.    How often these agents preferred connection ranked from a high of weekly at 31.5% to a daily low of 1.57%
  • After ranking the “attention connection” as a top priority of what agents want from their management, six top “want’s” ranked from sales and presentation skill training to the number one want, transaction and administrative support.  As Murray confirmed, a smart management strives to keep their agents focused on “prospecting” instead of “processing”.  Services include after the listing is taken services, after the closing, and additional marketing support designed to keep the agent connected after the sale with targeted information of value to that past client.
  • Getting more listing inventory is key to making this upcoming year great. Agents need to deploy targeted marketing campaigns to help sellers make informed decisions and create awareness for buyers on new programs that support home buying like FHA options.   Murray stated that the time is right as first time home buyers to buy.  This is facilitated by the HUD announcement that as of January 2015 FHA premiums are lowered by a half a percent. The projection is that this event can spur 250,000 first time home buyers into the market!

(For more information on this FHA vent click here: http://1.usa.gov/14u7thc )

So it’s clear!  Agents need communication, direction, support and recognition, and buyers and sellers need the same!  Go get ‘em and make 2015 your best year ever!

Visit Steve Murray at www.RealTrends.com

For a Free recording of this great interview go to: https://point2.zendesk.com/categories/20070245-Education

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