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Have you ever thought about how a listing appointment is much like a job interview? That’s because it is! You would never show up to a job interview without some kind of resume,   and discuss your plan of action to tackle the job, and provide testimonials as to your expertise and suitability for the job.

Why wouldn’t you do the same types of preparation for the interview when you are looking to get the job of marketing their listing for sale?


So it makes good sense to market yourself BEFORE the listing appointment by setting up your sellers with enough information to make you’re their listing agent of choice!


When you study success, the agents that list and sell over 100 properties a year help the seller as a RESOURCE and not as a self-promoting marketing initiative.   Smart agents study their marketplace and have learned that over 62% of the properties sold last year were bought by GenX and Gen Y buyers.  This consumer segment detests self-aggrandizing, marketing ploys and is looking more closely in “what’s in it for them”.


One of the most proven ways to get in the door as an agent and out the door as their “listing” agent is to start the process right from the first point of contact.  It is not that hard to be so different from your competition today. It does take a couple of extra steps, but they are well worth it!


What we was found that having a pre-appointment system delivered before the appointment conveyed the message that I was different from and hopefully more prepared to be their choice of agent.  Having a pre appointment package conveys an “experiential” type of   differentiation that says you are serious about committing the time and energy to market their property.  This action demonstrates that  you are provide solid proof that by organizing the event ahead of the actual meeting, you send a message that you have a plan that is professional and your goal is to maximize both time and efficiency!


So here are a few tips to make your appointment winnable before it happens!


1)      Develop a “packet” of information that is NOT company centric, but BENEFIT centric for your consumer.  This still include your company information, but rather the emphasis is on the many services that are available to the seller when working with you.  Include information about your specialization, (staging, senior designations, etc.) and include services of your strategic partners, processes, and more.


2)      The most important step is this one! Have a package delivered with a request for a signed receipt. This will provide verification of delivery so you can follow-up with your confirmation call. It’ is on that confirming call that you ask if their “homework”, a form that is included in the packet, is complete so you are all prepared for the actual appointment.  This action will bring to their attention your name and company brand before you even get there!  If the circumstances don’t allow for delivery, use an overnight service, a courier or a special mailing envelope.  If your prospect is technically sophisticated, you can consider emailing the package as a last resort.


3)      Include a homework page for the seller to fill out prior to your meeting. When they see how organized your system is, they will undoubtedly know you are different from your competition and be interested in meeting you in person!



4)      Engage your strategic partners to participate in the pre-positioning process. Ask your manager to call and leave a message acknowledging your appointment, thanking them for the opportunity and relating that the entire company will support the marketing of their property to secure the best buyer.  Ask your lender partner to call or email a testimonial letter that states as part of your service team they work with you to qualify any and all possible buyer candidates to make the transaction confidently close.



5)      And finally, the day of the presentation, consider what medium of presentation will best suit your prospect’s style. Depending on your marketplace, a paperless, real-time CMA evaluation is the most transparent.  Do print a CMA and do your homework, but having the seller participate in the pricing activity is key to getting the property priced right.


Creating differentiation in our crowded marketplace does take some creativity, and having a pre-appointment strategy will help you to win you the listing every time! For a short podcast with more tips click here:

Bio: Terri Murphy is a licensed Real estate broker, author, speaker, communication consultant, and e-Strategist.  She is the author of 5 books, including one with Donald Trump. She is the Pres. of  Terri Murphy Communications and CIO of U. S. Learning in Memphis.  email: Terri@TerriMurphy.com

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About Terri Murphy: Terri brings a depth of experience and education to the sales Industry. Terri performed at the top of the sales industry for over 25 years. Today she is a full time consultant, speaker and spokesperson for sales and marketing companies worldwide. Terri's expertise is directed to developing and leveraging relational capital that supports building community. Terri knows how to build communication bridges blending traditional and online strategies, distance learning and cutting edge plat forms that result in creating vibrant communities that buy! Terri is currently authoring a book that addresses how women can improve their selection of a man in a relationship by using a little science in the process. Terri has produced and hosted both television and radio programs, and been featured on ABC, NBC and CNBC News as a sales industry expert. She is also a regular guest on WREGTV’s Live@9 for Women in Business.

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